Diamond Plate Steel Open Tread Riser Stairs Are Very Popular In New york Commercial Buildings

Iron Stairs New YorkOver the past decade we have seen an increase of iron works companies fabricating and installing diamond plate steel staircases.Especially on outdoor stairways in commercial buildings but even on residential backyard stairs.Due to the durability,ease of maintenance, and especially for ease of cleaning snow and leaves from stair treads. We at steelmastersnyc  strongly suggest flush mounted bolt connections from stair pans to stringers to remove for good painting,but also if ever damaged to replace easily without having to cut steel and weld.It also helps if something large needs to pass thru where steps are or for getting behind to clean if in an enclosed area.We have fabricated many for catwalks and mechanical platforms and even the pipe railings on those are bolted on for accessibility and ease of painting.Shop drawings are also helpful to fabricate correctly.

Important facts you should know about commercial and industrial staircases

Staircases are a common cause of injury to workers. The Administration of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has requirements for the design of industrial ladders to help reduce accidents. These requirements relate to the stairs around machinery, tanks and other equipment. They also relate to the stairs leading to or from the floors, platforms and wells.

Since falls from ladders and stairs causes thousands of preventable injuries every year, companies and industries have been urged to construct commercial steel staircases according to the recommended standards. Well constructed staircases help employees to work effectively and use them without fearing for any risks.

What kind of industrial staircase should a company use

When reviewing on what staircase to build, the first consideration should be the amount of space available. Not all types of staircases fits with a company. If a company has more space, double sided staircase can work well in all large entryways. Companies with small space should opt for L shaped or straight staircases in order to ensure more space is left for production. Elliptical or curved staircases offer a great touch of elegance and provided more walking space that prevent falls and straining while climbing.

There are national standards as well as local laws that must be complied with when designing a commercial or residential steel or metal staircase whether inside or outside of any building.There are width and riser constraints as well as rules and laws governing the railings and stair dividers required between multiple flights on municipal buildings.There are also handicap concerns on some buildings so do your homework and research or have an architect or engineer who have experience with the different rules which apply to different types of buildings.Schools are very different from office buildings or steel stairs in residential homes and commercial businesses.Since steel stairs and railings are expensive ,you don’t want to have to repair them to meet code once they are fabricated and installed so beware .