Sidewalk Cellar Doors / Basement Hatch Doors

Diamond plate solid steel cellar hatch double doors
Diamond plate solid steel cellar/hatch double doors have welded angle frames with concealed hinges all built as one unit and are custom made to fit any sidewalk opening. Expanded metal interior sidewalk door can be made inside of frame opening to allow ventilation and maintain security. (New Jersey)
diamond plate steel hatch galvanized grating access door
Diamond plate steel hatch galvanized with grating access door.
metal sidewalk hatch cellar door
Metal sidewalk hatch cellar door.
Diamond Steel Plate
Diamond Steel Plate
Brownstone coalshoot hatch
Brownstone coalshoot hatch
sidewalk hatch filler panel back
Sidewalk hatch filler panel back
fixed panel metal diamond plate cellar door
Fixed panel metal diamond plate cellar door
Cellar door steel
Metal sidewalk door interior showing welded concealed hinges
Cellar Steel doors sidewalk city violation
Closed Sidewalk cellar doors
Sloped diamond plate steel cellar door custom side plates welded hinges
Sloped diamond plate steel cellar door with custom made side plates and welded hinges.
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