Roof Railings Bring Buildings Up to Code in New York

Steel roof guard rails are commonly needed in order to bring a new or existing structure up to current building codes and safety standards. Many buildings are what the industry calls grandfathered into old building codes. Once a building undergoes major renovation,the owner is typically forced to bring the building up to current safety codes and standards. This includes life safety,emergency lighting,fire alarms,walking surfaces etc. Included in life safety is roof safety and perimeter edge protection. Current building code states that workers and pedestrians must maintain 15 foot minimum distance from edges and skylights while on a roof. This makes most roofs with roof railings unusable. Even if a worker is simply doing maintenance and not accessed by pedestrians this roof railings are required. Furthermore in new york proper when many evacuation plans involve the roof and fire inspections may occur,additional steel stairs may be required over any obstructions,ac units or skylights. These must be all fabricated steel so they are fireproof by nature.


Design of a proper steel fabricated guard railing system is key in order to code. Parapet roof railings need not only to be a certain height but also be able to withstand certain lateral forces. Due to these requirements, most roof guard railings are fabricated from welded steel pipes and tubes as well as solid steel pickets which are considered custom iron works. These durable and fireproof materials will protect workers and pedestrians from the roofs edge and bring the building up to code, and can even be pleasant looking and painted, when designed properly by a steel fabrication company who is experienced in these products design and installation. In order for metal welded roof railings to meet current codes, they must have many different specific parts,including top and bottom structural rails and specific mid rail spacing requirements, depending upon the design.The most important part is the post and attachment details as where that is what gives the roof railings their strength. In some cases a toe kick is required at the bottom to stop debris from accidentally being sliden or kicked off the roof surface, as well as flying debris from gusty winds.


As a diverse commercial steel fabricator an custom iron works shop for over 40 years, steelmasters is extremely experienced in design ,fabrication and installation of roof railings having successfully completed hundreds of roof guard railing projects welded out of various sizes and shapes built for longevity and safety,always passing inspections and clients taste buds alike.
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Parapet welded pipe railing Powder coated plate bolted Multi unit building
Parapet welded pipe railing. Powder coated and plate / bolted – Multi unit residential (Queens NY)
roofrails sleeves roof
Roofrails in sleeves
Woven wire steel roof railing mounted core drilled solid steel plates core footings.
Woven wire steel roof railing mounted on core drilled solid steel plates core drilled in 12" deep footings. (Queens NY)
Welded stainless steel parapet guardrails roof rails rubber roof booties
Welded stainless steel parapet guardrails/ roof rails with rubber roof booties. (Brooklyn and Staten Island NY)
parapet welded roof guard rails railing steel
Primed parapet welded pipe simple guard railing 48 " tall
roofrails pickets rails roof
roofrails with pickets 42 inches
Roof railings commercial wall mounts apoxy bolted masonry long island
Roof railings – commercial, wall mounts and apoxy bolted into masonry. (Long Island, NY)
Steel wire mesh parapet guard railing educational / medical facilities. (Queens, NY)
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