Our congregation has been fundraising very heavily so that we could build a fence around our cemetery. The previous fence was only meant to be temporary, but got pushed aside in favor of other projects. It had become an eyesore, and proved ineffective in the protection of the final resting place of our members. We hired steel masters to install an 8 foot welded steel square bar fence. The fence has proven to be a great deterrent from vandals who have defaced the headstones, many of them extremely old, that are the history of our church and congregate families. They worked in a manner that was respectful of the environment in which they found themselves. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Our store’s basement flooded at our deli last spring, and we had to replace the staircase and cellar doors, along with a lot of other equipment. Total disaster. I run the business with my aunt and she told me just get it all fixed, she’ll pay for it. She just didn’t want to haggle. I was able to get a really great deal with Steel Masters and save my aunt money she could use to replace the printer and fax machine. SM installed safety railings for us, which was a big improvement and made it easier going up and down to the basement. They also gave us cellar doors with security features we hadn’t thought to ask for. I could go back to my aunt and tell her that the flood was a blessing in disguise. Mary, Park Slope Uhaul

Our church recently contracted Steel Masters to install custom fences railings for the back parking lot and walkway. The work was top quality and the finished product more than met our requirements. We got tubular steel railings to match the doors, and were reassured that they were compliant with the American Disabilities Act, as many members of our congregation are disabled and/or elderly. The company provided a very accurate estimate and was true to their word in terms of the time it took to install. We are very grateful and would like to recommend Steel Masters NYC to any business looking for reliable, trustworthy steel workers. – P.R.C., Bronx NY (1/24/14)

Pops handed me the keys to our deli this Christmas along with the responsibility of making all the repairs and updates to the building. Our family has used Steel Masters for a variety of jobs and we’ve always been happy. First thing that needed fixing was our steel sidewalk doors and staircase. We had a couple of break-ins the previous year, and we needed to beef up our security. Steel Fabricators redesigned our doors to be locked from inside, so it’s basically like a fort now. All we keep down there is grub, but it’s easy to get into the store so this has really set my ma at ease. Like I said, we’ll definitely being doing business together in the future. – Ralphie S., Bay Ridge Brooklyn (5/10/14)

Hired the Steel Masters NYC team to fabricate and install custom steel staircases on one of my hotels. Was looking for a good deal and I found it with these guys. Their workers all had decades of experience and knew the answers to my questions before I even asked. They did everything I asked with a smile. I was so pleased with the results I decided to get steel window guards for another property the following month. Also appreciated the quick turn around on both jobs. – Bob Costello, NY (9/2/14)

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