The Many Code and Egress standards for Metal Stairs

Metal stairs are a very important part of every building,allowing people to pass from different levels internally, as well as allowing safe access into and out of most structures, especially commercial buildings. Steel stairs have a large consideration in the design of the structure because they have so many standards that must be followed. For example the steps and risers need to be certain sizes,as well as the widths, which all can vary depending upon the building usage and capacity. Now on top of that the railings also have many codes which must be taken into consideration when designing. And again depending on capacity and usage, steel and metal railings have different tolerances for different building usages and various types of materials that can be used. Oh boy, this can get tricky !

Now take into account also that many egress stairs must be totally fireproof, limiting the raw material choices steel/metal, concrete/cement, and maybe some sort of stone like marble, granite or tiles. Maybe a combination of all of the above. This is why architects and engineers prefer to consult with professional and very experienced steel fabricators and iron works companies who have vast experience in the many different steel staircase options from past projects as well as adhering to the various egress codes which must be incorporated into the shop drawings and design as it can conform the the buildings aesthetics.

Staircases see lots of use and abuse in their lifespan. for the most part they must be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s why custom fabricated steel steps is a prefered method of usage. They are durable, resilient, fireproof, and if designed and constructed well, very low maintenance. After all, how can you close something for repairs which may be the only exit and entrance for thousands of people in case of a fire or emergency? Repairing steel stairways is not a quick fix. So now you see why only an expert should design, fabricate, and install iron staircases.They are one of the most vital and permanent pieces of any commercial building ,whose occupants must actual lives depend on in an emergency, but must look attractive, last forever, adhere to tolerances down to the quarter inch, and also be as low maintenance and strong as possible. Not an easy or cheap item and shouldn’t be skimped on in any way. Although quite expensive , any commercial staircase should be professionally built and installed to guarantee longevity, minimal downtime for repairs, and be nicely incorporated into the buildings design as it is truly a vital organ of it,s existence.

Window guards and Burglar bars

For protection of commercial buildings,window guards and or burglar bars can be made of steel or aluminum in many different materials and shapes. They can be operable, fixed or have bellies and air conditioner cages. They must always be mounted outside of the building and into the framing structure of the opening,whether it be brick, wood or masonry. It has been said and advised by insurance companies and law enforcement alike that lack of commercial window guards actually invites crime since most commercial area’s are sparsely populated after working house,making businesses prime and easy targets. Although most businesses today use credit cards and digital payments,the computers and other electronics are easy targets for thieves.

There are dozens of designs and materials that can be combined for various looks and needs. They can be ornate with scrolling and cast iron designs or as simple as solid bars welded in frames or expanded metal steel mesh as is the normal on schools and hospitals.All materials and designs serve the same deterrent purpose but to different degrees .The idea is to strike a balance between aesthetics and the degree of security your commercial building requires.Then of course those are to be weighed against cost which can vary greatly depending uponĀ  the degree of difficulty in installation and the fabrication cost which includes material.Since every building is different and every opening is also different, the steel fabrication and welding of security guards and bars is done by hand and custom made. Each one having to be laid out and calculated,cut,designed and welded by the steel fabricator in his shop.Add all this together then blend it in with the quantity needed and you can figure out the pricing,and that’s why it can vary so much.Designing and calculating 10 window guards or two or 50 is not a vast difference as is true for any fabrication shop,so 2 would be much more costly per unit than 50 as each piece has to be measured and cut on machinery that needs to be setup for every size and shape. All of these things must be considered when estimating steel window guards or any steel fabrication and steel security project you may consider undertaking. But since it’s only done once and your commercial or industrial building is secured,it is worth spending the time and money on to have it done properly taking everything into account .