Iron Works and Steel Fabrication in Brooklyn New York

Like everything else in the big apple, Brooklyn iron works and steel fabricators in Brooklyn come in all shapes and sizes. There are actually 1 and 2 man shops that make window guards ,fences and small railing for homeowners, in dark, dank little shops dotted all throughout brooklyn and queens in industrial areas. The majority by far are unlicensed and uninsured,only operating on a cash basis with one old beat up pickup truck or van that doesn’t even have commercial insurance, or proper signage.dealing with these people can be hit or miss. You may give them a deposit and never see them again, with your only contact being a cell number.But they are cheap, much much cheaper than a legit company who pays payroll taxes,has a safe decent shop and legal workers as well as proper insurance. These operating expenses cost much much more than the raw material itself. Once they give a price, no legit company will be able to be competitive which is why they dominate the residential market, leaving homeowners at very high risk of lawsuits and ripoffs. If they are welding or working on your home and someone falls off a ladder, or trips over the welding wires the lawsuit is all the homeowners fault. Not mention if a fire happens,they will run for the hills leaving you with a big loss. So as with everything else you get what you pay for and sometimes cheap can be extremely expensive in the end.

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