The Many Code and Egress standards for Metal Stairs

Metal stairs are a very important part of every building,allowing people to pass from different levels internally, as well as allowing safe access into and out of most structures, especially commercial buildings. Steel stairs have a large consideration in the design of the structure because they have so many standards that must be followed. For example the steps and risers need to be certain sizes,as well as the widths, which all can vary depending upon the building usage and capacity. Now on top of that the railings also have many codes which must be taken into consideration when designing. And again depending on capacity and usage, steel and metal railings have different tolerances for different building usages and various types of materials that can be used. Oh boy, this can get tricky !

Now take into account also that many egress stairs must be totally fireproof, limiting the raw material choices steel/metal, concrete/cement, and maybe some sort of stone like marble, granite or tiles. Maybe a combination of all of the above. This is why architects and engineers prefer to consult with professional and very experienced steel fabricators and iron works companies who have vast experience in the many different steel staircase options from past projects as well as adhering to the various egress codes which must be incorporated into the shop drawings and design as it can conform the the buildings aesthetics.

Staircases see lots of use and abuse in their lifespan. for the most part they must be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s why custom fabricated steel steps is a prefered method of usage. They are durable, resilient, fireproof, and if designed and constructed well, very low maintenance. After all, how can you close something for repairs which may be the only exit and entrance for thousands of people in case of a fire or emergency? Repairing steel stairways is not a quick fix. So now you see why only an expert should design, fabricate, and install iron staircases.They are one of the most vital and permanent pieces of any commercial building ,whose occupants must actual lives depend on in an emergency, but must look attractive, last forever, adhere to tolerances down to the quarter inch, and also be as low maintenance and strong as possible. Not an easy or cheap item and shouldn’t be skimped on in any way. Although quite expensive , any commercial staircase should be professionally built and installed to guarantee longevity, minimal downtime for repairs, and be nicely incorporated into the buildings design as it is truly a vital organ of it,s existence.

Diamond Plate Steel Open Tread Riser Stairs Are Very Popular In New york Commercial Buildings

Iron Stairs New YorkOver the past decade we have seen an increase of iron works companies fabricating and installing diamond plate steel staircases.Especially on outdoor stairways in commercial buildings but even on residential backyard stairs.Due to the durability,ease of maintenance, and especially for ease of cleaning snow and leaves from stair treads. We at steelmastersnyc  strongly suggest flush mounted bolt connections from stair pans to stringers to remove for good painting,but also if ever damaged to replace easily without having to cut steel and weld.It also helps if something large needs to pass thru where steps are or for getting behind to clean if in an enclosed area.We have fabricated many for catwalks and mechanical platforms and even the pipe railings on those are bolted on for accessibility and ease of painting.Shop drawings are also helpful to fabricate correctly.

Metal Stairs in NYC

Metal StairsSteel Masters NYC is a leading provider of Metal Stairs and Staircases to a wide array of commercial clients throughout New York. Over the past 45 years we’ve partnered with many businesses such as real estate management companies, apartment building renovations, commercial builders and much more. Metal stairs are known for their strength, durability and the ability to withstand high-traffic areas. When you hire a metal fabrication shop with the proper experience and expertise, you can expect to enjoy your steel stairs for years to come. Ease of maintenance, strength and durability, and resistant to stress and weather elements are just a few of the benefits of metal stairs. Our metal fabricators have been building custom iron stairs since 1972 with varying project goals – steel stairs for rooftop access, iron stairs inside of industrial shops, metal stairs for apartment buildings and many other custom applications.

We employ a team of experienced steel fabricators that offer the finest craftsmanship in New York. With a strong focus on quality, Steel Masters NYC has built a strong reputation among commercial businesses throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, Westchester, Long Island and the surrounding neighborhoods. All products that we manufacture are in compliance with the local commercial construction codes and are backed up with a decent 10-year guarantee. Steel Masters has experience working with schools, hospitals, industrial facilities, apartment complexes, office buildings, government works, and various plants and shops throughout New York City’s five boroughs.

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Understanding the Steel Staircase – New York Steel Fabrication

When laying out the plan of a building, it is always wise to keep in mind the need for robust steel staircases. Staircase architecture in itself is highly complex, so you want a material that is versatile and malleable enough to fit into any design and look great while at it. Now, you can’t bend timber or concrete, so steel staircases are a great bet for any construction project, regardless of the scale or tension placed upon the heavy foot/machinery traffic areas. Below is a glimpse into what our staircases consist of:

The Steps, Diamond Plate, Grating or Cement filled

Steel staircases ride on the strength of the steps, as this is where you expect the most traffic. The tread is the horizontal bit of your stairs while the riser is the part that holds a vertical lean. Because steel is one of the strongest metals around, fabricators tend to routinely leave the risers out of the equation.

Stair Stringers — Tube, channels of Flat

Your staircases are going to need support from either side, and the support system used here hangs on structures known as stringers.

Bannisters – Steel Picket, Pipe or Tubes

There are also known as handrails. Steel stairs are known to have one or two bannisters. There are those that do not have any, but we strongly recommend these structures as they make a building safer in general. Big stairs in particular require multiple rails located strategically along the way.

Newel Post

The steel handrail comes into a lot of use, so it will need to be anchored solidly into the core of the structure. Newels exist to perform these roles and extend right beyond the landing and into the floor.

Steel staircases can take any shape or form-there are no cut and dry methods- you can choose spiral, bifurcated, half-landing, quarter-landing or even winder varieties. All you have to do is reach out to us, and we will deliver your specifications to a fault.

Important facts you should know about commercial and industrial staircases

Staircases are a common cause of injury to workers. The Administration of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has requirements for the design of industrial ladders to help reduce accidents. These requirements relate to the stairs around machinery, tanks and other equipment. They also relate to the stairs leading to or from the floors, platforms and wells.

Since falls from ladders and stairs causes thousands of preventable injuries every year, companies and industries have been urged to construct commercial steel staircases according to the recommended standards. Well constructed staircases help employees to work effectively and use them without fearing for any risks.

What kind of industrial staircase should a company use

When reviewing on what staircase to build, the first consideration should be the amount of space available. Not all types of staircases fits with a company. If a company has more space, double sided staircase can work well in all large entryways. Companies with small space should opt for L shaped or straight staircases in order to ensure more space is left for production. Elliptical or curved staircases offer a great touch of elegance and provided more walking space that prevent falls and straining while climbing.

There are national standards as well as local laws that must be complied with when designing a commercial or residential steel or metal staircase whether inside or outside of any building.There are width and riser constraints as well as rules and laws governing the railings and stair dividers required between multiple flights on municipal buildings.There are also handicap concerns on some buildings so do your homework and research or have an architect or engineer who have experience with the different rules which apply to different types of buildings.Schools are very different from office buildings or steel stairs in residential homes and commercial businesses.Since steel stairs and railings are expensive ,you don’t want to have to repair them to meet code once they are fabricated and installed so beware .