Steel Garbage Rubbish Outdoor Pail Enclosures

Our custom-made outdoor metal refuse enclosures are designed sturdier than most. Solid steel welded hinges are ground smooth and virtually indestructible, steel welded piano hinges optional. The front and sides of our steel garbage pail bins can be made of 10 or 11 gauge or 3/16 steel plate in any size under the sun as they are all handcrafted,cut, welded and sanded.  All our outside litter and recycling pale enclosures start with a structural steel 1/8 inch custom tubular interior skeleton with both horizontal and vertical members fully welded into a one piece integral frame and ground smooth.  The steel plates,hinges and locking devises are all welded to the frame at some point as well as the steel channel track on bottom and back to contain the galvanized ,perforated,curved interlocking steel ventilation material which is screwed through to the frame inside. These steel trash/recycling storage bins can easily become animal proof garbage enclosures with the addition of a few extra slide bolts welded to the doors.  The solid steel slide bolt can accept padlocks. Each fully welded steel trash storage bin can be had with our 5 wheel mobility option.  As even the smaller 2 pail steel enclosures weigh about 300 pounds and the larger steel bins come in at 5-600 pounds,it makes them easier to move and wash thoroughly from both inside and out ensuring a clean and odor free garbage enclosure.  Since every outdoor trash enclosure we make is by hand,prices, weight, lead time and shipping can vary, but they are less expensive in multiples as design time and freight is reduced and distributed per job.  These steel enclosures are made to last and endure weight,dirt,animals and people like no other, so call for your quote today and keep in mind custom made steel trash enclosures have a longer lead time and are not as cheap as machine made items but are much more versatile and nearly indestructible.


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