Expanded Metal Steel Wire Mesh

Strong,attractive,lightweight,see thru and fairly economical is just the beginning of expanded metal’s qualities.It is also pliable,paintable,galvanizable, and very very easy to make many different products from.Window guards,doors,fences,railings,staircase partitions,parapet railings,security cages and room are just a few.

Expanded metal is produced from solid sheets of carbon,galvanized,stainless steel or aluminum.It also comes with the advantage of not being able to unravel like welded or woven wire mesh panels.To produce the expanded metal,a sheet is slit and stretched,expanding the slits into cuts which open to form the diamond shape pattern holes which are all exactly the same size and shape.Expanded metal is continuous which means there are no joints or welds to grind or sand.Because of this continuity, it is also a conductor of heat and electricity.Expanded metal can be either raised profile or flat,and comes in a variety of gauges and sizes of openings,which makes it stronger and heavier,or lighter and more easy to view thru,as well as less expensive.Architects and engineers have found many additional uses over the years ,such as security withing sheetrocked walls,ventilated storage areas, room dividers, even as non slip flooring in commercial areas. So if you are ever in a jamb for something,lightweight,economical,versatile and readily available,keep expanded metal steel mesh on your mind.

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