Steel fabrication in commercial building construction

Steel fabrication is the process of building steel into different shapes so as to fit into buildings, or making structures out of it. Proper shaping of steel can help reduce extra load on the material during construction, thus ensuring longevity of the building. This procedure applies to a wide variety of metal categories such as stainless, low carbon and alloy steels.

Typically, the steel fabricator should have comprehensive knowledge on the types of cutting and shaping techniques suitable for these materials. A wide range of tools can be used for this purpose such as welding machines, and even the computer for designing 3D shapes of the steel.

Welding is actually a form of fabrication whereby different parts of the metal are joined together using fusion, which is different from other lower temperature techniques of metal-joining such as soldering and brazing, these do not affect the base metal in any way by melting it.

One of the most common forms of welding is known as Shielded Metal Arc (SMA) fabrication, in this technique an electrode with flux around it is used to shield the weld puddle. Simultaneously, an electrode holder directs the electrode point as it steadily melts away steel parts. Slag will protect the weld puddle from environmental contamination during shaping. Sometimes, pressure may also be used together with heat, or on its own, for steel fabrication. Additionally, fabrication usually involves bending of metal which can be done through hammering, or even press brakes. Fabricators may employ these press brakes to shape or twist steel sheets into form.

Unlike other metals, steel can be made into various shapes due to its malleable nature. This material is often used in various aspects of construction such as structural framing, staircase guarding, bar joist and handrails amongst others. Steel fabrication is a common practice in most commercial building projects, it’s often used to meet the complex design requirements of construction.

Our Expanded Metal Fabrication Services

expanded metal

Expanded metals are the most economical of all open metal products are ideal for security screens, machine guards, stall gates, architectural panels, oil pan screens, outdoor furniture, stud wall security screens, air filters, and site barriers. They are usually available as standard or raised expanded metal, flattened, micro mesh, mini mesh, and expanded metal grating. These pieces generally provide an impenetrable barrier when used on ceilings or behind drywall.

Expanded metal has numerous advantages over other types of metals. One, it’s a cost-effective alternative to perforated. Two, it doesn’t ravel unlike woven wire products. This means that when it’s cut at one end, the remaining strands continue to hold strong. It also boasts of great versatility and comes in a variety of sizes, weights, and styles, thus offering many different choices to suit your taste.

Our Services

If you are looking to have expanded metal installed in your commercial or industrial property, we are the right people to call. We are the leading welding fabricator of expanded metal fabrication for industrial, commercial, real estate management companies, general contractors and builders, as well as apartment building renovations.

Our experience and expertise in production enables us to meet the demands of our customers in a timely and efficient manner. Since our main aim is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, we also offer design and drafting assistance. You can provide us with your own sketch or a 3D CAD drawing as our design specialists will get down to work and come up with great styles and designs.

Our highly skilled staff will be happy to discuss any question you might have about our expanded metal fabrication capabilities. For more details, contact us today.