Coiling Roll Down Grille Gates

Steel Masters has custom fabricated installed and repaired thousands of see through security gates throughout Brooklyn, Queens, NYC, Bronx, Long Island, and Westchester over the past 25 years most of which can still be seen operating today on warehouses, car dealers, retail stores, strip malls, parking garages, factories etc.

roll down grille gate brooklyn
Roll down see through grille gates interior mounted Brooklyn New York
grille motorized coiling security gate Steel aluminum reverse mounted
Straight link pattern grille motorized coiling security gate. Steel and aluminum reverse mounted. (Brooklyn NY)
rolldown grille gates steel framing  chain
Strip mall new roll down grille gates with steel framing of openings, chain operated type (Queens NY) During photo
old rollup solid gates
Strip mall old rollup solid gates before demolition (Queens NY) Before photo
grille type chain operated roll down gate
Entire Strip mall of new grille type see through chain operated roll down gate in Brick Pattern (Queens NY) After Photo
Grille freestanding security gate high cycle parkinglot commercial
See through Grille freestanding security gate high cycle parking lot type (Queens NY)
Chain operated grille roll down gates mounted beams parkinglot fence commercial lots
Chain operated see through grille roll down gates mounted to beams as parking lot fence (LIC NY)

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