Roof Railings Bring Buildings Up to Code in New York

Steel roof guard rails are commonly needed in order to bring a new or existing structure up to current building codes and safety standards.Many buildings are what the industry calls grandfathered into old building codes.Once a building undergoes major renovation,the owner is typically forced to bring the building up to current safety codes and standards.This includes life safety,emergency lighting,fire alarms,walking surfaces etc. Included in life safety is roof safety and perimeter edge protection.Current building code states that workers and pedestrians must maintain 15 foot minimum distance from edges and skylights while on a roof .This makes most roofs with roof railings unusable.Even if a worker is simply doing maintenance and not accessed by pedestrians this roof railings are required.Furthermore in new york proper when many evacuation plans involve the roof and fire inspections may occur,additional steel stairs may be required over any obstructions,ac units or skylights. These must be all fabricated steel so they are fireproof by nature.


Design of a proper steel fabricated guard railing system is key in order to code. Parapet roof railings need not only to be a certain height but also be able to withstand certain lateral forces. Due to these requirements ,most roof guard railings are fabricated from welded steel pipes and tubes as well as solid steel pickets which are considered custom ironworks. These durable and fireproof materials will protect workers and pedestrians from the roofs edge and bring the building up to code,and can even be pleasant looking and painted, when designed properly by a steel fabrication company who is experienced in these products design and installation. In order for metal welded roof railings to meet current codes,they must have many different specific parts,including top and bottom structural rails and specific mid rail spacing requirements, depending upon the design.The most important part is the post and attachment details as where that is what gives the roof railings their strength. In some cases a toe kick is required at the bottom to stop debris from accidentally being sliden or kicked off the roof surface, as well as flying debris from gusty winds.


As a diverse commercial steel fabricator an custom iron works shop for over 40 years ,steelmasters is extremely experienced in design ,fabrication and installation of roof railings having successfully completed hundreds of roof guardrailing projects welded out of various sizes and shapes built for longevity and safety,always passing inspections and clients taste buds alike.
We would be happy to quote your next project so just give us a call or forward your drawings to our email for a design consult.

The Many Code and Egress standards for Metal Stairs

Metal stairs are a very important part of every building,allowing people to pass from different levels internally, as well as allowing safe access into and out of most structures, especially commercial buildings. Steel stairs have a large consideration in the design of the structure because they have so many standards that must be followed. For example the steps and risers need to be certain sizes,as well as the widths, which all can vary depending upon the building usage and capacity. Now on top of that the railings also have many codes which must be taken into consideration when designing. And again depending on capacity and usage, steel and metal railings have different tolerances for different building usages and various types of materials that can be used. Oh boy, this can get tricky !

Now take into account also that many egress stairs must be totally fireproof, limiting the raw material choices steel/metal, concrete/cement, and maybe some sort of stone like marble, granite or tiles. Maybe a combination of all of the above. This is why architects and engineers prefer to consult with professional and very experienced steel fabricators and iron works companies who have vast experience in the many different steel staircase options from past projects as well as adhering to the various egress codes which must be incorporated into the shop drawings and design as it can conform the the buildings aesthetics.

Staircases see lots of use and abuse in their lifespan. for the most part they must be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s why custom fabricated steel steps is a prefered method of usage. They are durable, resilient, fireproof, and if designed and constructed well, very low maintenance. After all, how can you close something for repairs which may be the only exit and entrance for thousands of people in case of a fire or emergency? Repairing steel stairways is not a quick fix. So now you see why only an expert should design, fabricate, and install iron staircases.They are one of the most vital and permanent pieces of any commercial building ,whose occupants must actual lives depend on in an emergency, but must look attractive, last forever, adhere to tolerances down to the quarter inch, and also be as low maintenance and strong as possible. Not an easy or cheap item and shouldn’t be skimped on in any way. Although quite expensive , any commercial staircase should be professionally built and installed to guarantee longevity, minimal downtime for repairs, and be nicely incorporated into the buildings design as it is truly a vital organ of it,s existence.

Custom Metal Fabricators

The field of metal fabricators is a vastly encompassing area of steel, metal and ironworks products. Some can be made by machinery for standard size area’s but mostly these items are custom crafted and designed on an individual basis due to the nature of the buildings in the tri-state area all being unique in size and design. When looking into residential applications and steel fabrication there are a few items which can be found  mostly online for typical size applications. These are mostly small metal staircases, some standard steel or hollow metal window guards, fixed roof ladders,caged roof ladders and roof railings. But they fit very few and far in between applications size wise. When it comes to commercial building metal fabrication its almost impossible to find something ready made to fit,that’s why the custom ironworks and metal fabrication shops are so predominant in new york. Almost every industrial or commercial building is unique in size and shape, making anything needed on it anywhere custom fabricated.As time goes on needs change for all buildings,big and small. Parapet roof railing laws are not being enforced citywide making any roof require a 42 inch high perimeter. More so for multi-unit apartment buildings and office buildings. The rodent problem has born the product of steel trash can enclosures which are vermin and insect proof due to the increase in garbage from area’s becoming more populated,exploding the rat population that loves to feed on human trash.Many older apartment buildings are replacing their older boilers which are inefficient and now require ships ladders, steel grating catwalks and removal pipe railings to service and maintain them. All in all these various metal fabrications need to be measured and assessed in the field,then custom designed, estimated for material cost and labor as well as installation labor. This may seem like a simple task ,but any iron fabricator must be experienced for many years to accomplish and figure out everything that is involved.It is not like going to the store and ordering something at a box store. That is why none of the items are sold in stores and there is not even a department for steel fabrication in any home improvement store of any worker there that has any knowledge on the subject. This is  field of highly skilled craftsman who do dirty work under tough conditions, relying strictly on their own experience to guide them.

Outside Metal Steps with Picket Guardrails and Piperail

Outside metal steps with picket guardrails and piperail for commercial buildings, warehouse and building entrances.

Interested in steel fabricators for your commercial steel staircases project?

  1. We offer the finest craftsmanship you can find around. In fact, the quality of the steel staircases we fabricate is unmatched.
  2. Our compliance with the commercial construction codes has placed us in the first lane. This means we win the seal of quality.
  3. All our products are affordable and will fit into any of your tight budgets.
  4. We pride of our decades of experience in the business. In fact, this is what has made us the most reputable fabricators of commercial steel. We receive thousands of commercial and industrial construction projects each year.
  5. We have an excellent customer service that you won’t miss.
  6. Our products are backed up with a decent 10-year guarantee.
metal steps with picket guardrails and piperail
Outside metal steps with picket guardrails and piperail.

Window guards and Burglar bars

For protection of commercial buildings,window guards and or burglar bars can be made of steel or aluminum in many different materials and shapes. They can be operable, fixed or have bellies and air conditioner cages. They must always be mounted outside of the building and into the framing structure of the opening,whether it be brick, wood or masonry. It has been said and advised by insurance companies and law enforcement alike that lack of commercial window guards actually invites crime since most commercial area’s are sparsely populated after working house,making businesses prime and easy targets. Although most businesses today use credit cards and digital payments,the computers and other electronics are easy targets for thieves.

There are dozens of designs and materials that can be combined for various looks and needs. They can be ornate with scrolling and cast iron designs or as simple as solid bars welded in frames or expanded metal steel mesh as is the normal on schools and hospitals.All materials and designs serve the same deterrent purpose but to different degrees .The idea is to strike a balance between aesthetics and the degree of security your commercial building requires.Then of course those are to be weighed against cost which can vary greatly depending upon  the degree of difficulty in installation and the fabrication cost which includes material.Since every building is different and every opening is also different, the steel fabrication and welding of security guards and bars is done by hand and custom made. Each one having to be laid out and calculated,cut,designed and welded by the steel fabricator in his shop.Add all this together then blend it in with the quantity needed and you can figure out the pricing,and that’s why it can vary so much.Designing and calculating 10 window guards or two or 50 is not a vast difference as is true for any fabrication shop,so 2 would be much more costly per unit than 50 as each piece has to be measured and cut on machinery that needs to be setup for every size and shape. All of these things must be considered when estimating steel window guards or any steel fabrication and steel security project you may consider undertaking. But since it’s only done once and your commercial or industrial building is secured,it is worth spending the time and money on to have it done properly taking everything into account .

Expanded Metal Steel Wire Mesh

Strong,attractive,lightweight,see thru and fairly economical is just the beginning of expanded metal’s qualities.It is also pliable,paintable,galvanizable, and very very easy to make many different products from.Window guards,doors,fences,railings,staircase partitions,parapet railings,security cages and room are just a few.

Expanded metal is produced from solid sheets of carbon,galvanized,stainless steel or aluminum.It also comes with the advantage of not being able to unravel like welded or woven wire mesh panels.To produce the expanded metal,a sheet is slit and stretched,expanding the slits into cuts which open to form the diamond shape pattern holes which are all exactly the same size and shape.Expanded metal is continuous which means there are no joints or welds to grind or sand.Because of this continuity, it is also a conductor of heat and electricity.Expanded metal can be either raised profile or flat,and comes in a variety of gauges and sizes of openings,which makes it stronger and heavier,or lighter and more easy to view thru,as well as less expensive.Architects and engineers have found many additional uses over the years ,such as security withing sheetrocked walls,ventilated storage areas, room dividers, even as non slip flooring in commercial areas. So if you are ever in a jamb for something,lightweight,economical,versatile and readily available,keep expanded metal steel mesh on your mind.

Iron Works and Steel Fabrication in Brooklyn New York

Like everything else in the big apple, Brooklyn iron works and steel fabricators in Brooklyn come in all shapes and sizes. There are actually 1 and 2 man shops that make window guards ,fences and small railing for homeowners, in dark,dank little shops dotted all throughout brooklyn and queens in industrial areas.The majority by far are unlicensed and uninsured,only operating on a cash basis with one old beat up pickup truck or van that doesn’t even have commercial insurance, or proper signage.dealing with these people can be hit or miss. You may give them a deposit and never see them again,with your only contact being a cell number.But they are cheap,much much cheaper than a legit company who pays payroll taxes,has a safe decent shop and legal workers as well as proper insurance.These operating expenses cost much much more than the raw material itself .Once they give a price, no legit company will be able to be competitive which is why they dominate the residential market,leaving homeowners at very high risk of lawsuits and ripoffs. If they are welding or working on your home and someone falls off a ladder,or trips over the welding wires the lawsuit is all the homeowners fault.Not mention if a fire happens,they will run for the hills leaving you with a big loss .So as with everything else you get what you pay for and sometimes cheap can be extremely expensive in the end.

Structural steel deck. (Queens, NY)

Structural steel deck. (Queens, NY)

Diamond Plate Steel Open Tread Riser Stairs Are Very Popular In New york Commercial Buildings

Iron Stairs New YorkOver the past decade we have seen an increase of iron works companies fabricating and installing diamond plate steel staircases.Especially on outdoor stairways in commercial buildings but even on residential backyard stairs.Due to the durability,ease of maintenance, and especially for ease of cleaning snow and leaves from stair treads. We at steelmastersnyc  strongly suggest flush mounted bolt connections from stair pans to stringers to remove for good painting,but also if ever damaged to replace easily without having to cut steel and weld.It also helps if something large needs to pass thru where steps are or for getting behind to clean if in an enclosed area.We have fabricated many for catwalks and mechanical platforms and even the pipe railings on those are bolted on for accessibility and ease of painting.Shop drawings are also helpful to fabricate correctly.

Brooklyn Steel Fabricators

Double structural steel cement pan institutional staircase with steel framed landing, welded galvanized decking, and hanger rods. (Bronx, NY)

It is a fact that most of the tri-state new your steel and metal fabrication is done in brooklyn new york by many varied steel fabrication companies.From structural steel skyscrapers to railings and sidewalk cellar doors as well as thousands of steel staircases. Most can be found being welded and fabricated in south or east brooklyn and transported and installed across the city. At Steelmastersnyc we are proud to have installed steel staircases, sidewalk cellar doors, steel security cages, parapet roof railings, steel beams,and commercial steel fencing in every borough. As commercial steel contractors we work with some of the best general contractors in america with great results on steel projects.

Brooklyn commercial steel fabricators take new york by storm

Parapet welded pipe railing. Powder coated and plate / bolted – Multi unit residential (Queens NY)

Parapet welded pipe railing. Powder coated and plate / bolted – Multi unit residential (Queens NY)

The average citizen probably doesn’t realize that the majority of the steel staircases and railings they utilize everyday come from one of many many steel fabrication shops throughout brooklyn.Everyday hundreds of small to larger welding shops toil vigorously to fabricate metal fabrications of all sizes and shapes to be utilized for decades to come all over the 5 boroughs and long island as well as being transported to nearby states. These welding shops consisting mostly of hardworking immigrants toil throughout the year in every kind of weather doing heavy ,hard work  to earn an honest living.The finished products are utilized everyday by millions of new yorkers.Everyday people walk on and past sidewalk cellar doors,commercial steel fences and steel beams not knowing where they came from.Steel masters nyc is proud to be a contributor to many hundreds of new york’s beautiful buildings.We fabricate with the public’s safety in mind as well as our customer’s needs.

Metal Stairs in NYC

Metal StairsSteel Masters NYC is a leading provider of Metal Stairs and Staircases to a wide array of commercial clients throughout New York. Over the past 45 years we’ve partnered with many businesses such as real estate management companies, apartment building renovations, commercial builders and much more. Metal stairs are known for their strength, durability and the ability to withstand high-traffic areas. When you hire a metal fabrication shop with the proper experience and expertise, you can expect to enjoy your steel stairs for years to come. Ease of maintenance, strength and durability, and resistant to stress and weather elements are just a few of the benefits of metal stairs. Our metal fabricators have been building custom iron stairs since 1972 with varying project goals – steel stairs for rooftop access, iron stairs inside of industrial shops, metal stairs for apartment buildings and many other custom applications.

We employ a team of experienced steel fabricators that offer the finest craftsmanship in New York. With a strong focus on quality, Steel Masters NYC has built a strong reputation among commercial businesses throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, Westchester, Long Island and the surrounding neighborhoods. All products that we manufacture are in compliance with the local commercial construction codes and are backed up with a decent 10-year guarantee. Steel Masters has experience working with schools, hospitals, industrial facilities, apartment complexes, office buildings, government works, and various plants and shops throughout New York City’s five boroughs.

Commercial Steel Fabricators • Commercial Steel Staircases • Steel and Iron Stair Cases • Pipe and Staircase Railings • Metal Stairs

Why Choose Steel Masters NYC

Steel Fabrication Shop in New YorkSteel Masters NYC has been providing New York Steel Fabrication & Iron Works since 1972.  With a focus on quality craftsmanship, we have built a solid reputation among commercial and industrial customers throughout the state of New York. Our team of steel fabricators professionally weld and manufacture steel and iron customized to fit your specific desires and needs.

Who Our Steel Fabricators Serve

Steel Fabrication Shop in New YorkSteel Masters serves commercial businesses, hospitals, factories, stores, industrial businesses, apartment complexes, government buildings and other large commercial and institutional properties. We work closely with general contractors, real estate management companies and also work directly with business owners.

Steel Fabrication & Iron Works Service Area

Our steel fabrication shop is based in Brooklyn and we also serve customers in Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, Westchester, Long Island – and the entire state of New York.  We can also ship to customers nationwide.

Custom Iron Works New YorkYears of Iron Works Experience

We are an experienced manufacturing company of iron and steel works. We’ve been serving commercial and industrial businesses since 1972!  Steel Masters has a proven track record of success, a large portfolio of customers and continues to grow.  We only employ the best metal fabricators in the industry with a passion to transform steel into usable products for business applications.

Custom Iron Works Service Capabilities

Steel fabrication and installations – We are in the business of, miscellaneous commercial steel and custom iron works of every kind. We professionally weld and manufacture steel and iron customized to fit your specific desires and needs. Steel Masters provides in-house design and fabrication and utilizes state-of-the-art technology. Our knowledge in commercial iron works is unsurpassed. Our metal fabrication shop consists of talented engineers and metal workers who create sturdy, aesthetic structures that stand the test of time. No job is too big or small to be worthy of our attention.

Types of Metal Fabrication Products & Solutions

Custom Iron Works New York

Custom Iron Works - New York, NYSteelmasters specializes in custom iron works and steel fabrication for commercial businesses throughout New York.  Our professional iron workers can weld and manufacture steel and iron customized to fit your specific desires and needs.  From steel staircases to metal garbage pail bins to sidewalk cellar doors, our welders work with miscellaneous commercial steel and iron fabrications of every kind.

Commercial Iron Works

As an experienced manufacturing company of iron works and steel fabrication, Steelmasters has the ability to provide metal fabrication services to a wide range of commercial and industrial businesses:

  • Hospitals
  • Factories
  • Industrial Businesses
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Government Buildings
  • Institutional Properties
  • Commercial Businesses

We also work with many real estate management companies and general contractors throughout New York.

Welders and Fabricators of Metal, Steel & Iron

We have over 30 years of experience and have completed thousands of projects for customers throughout New York.  As specialists in our field, we are able to fabricate iron into usable products according to very specific requirements and needs of our commercial customers.  Whether it’s steel stairs at an apartment complex, or a fixed roof access ladder for a commercial building, we can fabricate metal according to your specifications.  Here are some of the common iron fabrication and metal fabrication products that we manufacture for commercial businesses in New York:

Why Choose Steelmasters?

Custom Iron Fabrication - New York, NY

  • We have over 30 years of experience in iron repair, fabrication and installation
  • We’ve successfully completed thousands of projects across New York
  • We use only the highest quality materials, guaranteed to last
  • Our knowledge in commercial iron works is unsurpassed
  • Our welders can help you make your idea a reality
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Steelmasters is proud to provide complete steel works and iron works to customers throughout the state of New York and especially to the five New York City bouroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx as well as Westchester, Long Island and other neighboring cities.

Steel Garbage Pail Bins / Trash Can Enclosures – New York Steel Fabrication

Commercial Steel Trash Can EnclosureSteel Masters of New York specializes in the fabrication of steel trash bin enclosures for commercial and industrial customers looking to secure their garbage within the city.  Metal garbage can bins are ideal for businesses looking for an animal & rodent proof trash can. Our line of metal garbage enclosures keep those pesky rats and other varmints out of your trash.  It’s also keeps humans from rifling through your trash in the city at night.  Our rodent resistant garbage enclosures keep your trash neat and safe from pesky critters that love to chew and eat away at your garbage. We offer a full line of metal garbage can enclosures ranging from single enclosures to dual and triple models to meet your needs. Aesthetically, they can blend nicely into any commercial or industrial setting.

We build and fabricate custom Steel Garbage Enclosures that are designed to meet your needs.  Whether you’re a restaurant, apartment complex, commercial business or property manager, these products are perfect for keeping your trash safe and property clean.  Our steel enclosures are very durable and are made to last and withstand weight, dirt, animals and other elements.  With careful construction, welding and a detailed steel fabrication process, these products are designed much sturdier than most and are and nearly indestructible.

Features & Benefits of Metal Trash Enclosures

Rodent Proof Garbage BinsSome of the features of steel trash enclosures include:

  • Rodent Proof
  • Animal Proof
  • Washable
  • Movable
  • Lockable
  • Durable – Lasts for Years
  • Strong – Nearly Indestructible
  • Keeps your Property Neat & Clean

Steel Rodent Proof Garbage Can Bins – NY Steel Fabricators

Steel Masters ensures that the construction of your steel trash bin is built to last.  Whether you’re in New York City, Queens, Brooklyn or The Bronx – we offer custom steel fabrication and iron works to customers throughout New York.  We have decades of experience in fabricating custom steel products for a wide array of clients across New York. We have earned the trust and respect as a leading fabricator of commercial steel.

Metal Garbage Enclosure Rodent Proof Trash Enclosures Rodent Proof Garbage Enclosures Steel Garbage Bin Commercial Steel Trash Can Enclosure Rodent Proof Garbage Bins Rodent Proof Garbage Bins

Commercial Steel Trash Can EnclosureMetal Garbage Can BinsRodent Proof Garbage BinsRodent Proof Trash BinsRodent Proof Garbage EnclosuresRodent Proof Trash Enclosures

Steel Masters has experience working with schools, hospitals, industrial facilities, apartment complexes, office buildings, government works, and various plants and shops throughout New York City’s five boroughs.  Our skilled experts have the experience and knowledge to fulfill each and every one of your requirements, on time and on budget no matter what type of commercial business you are. We will work closely with you to deliver a high level of customer service and exceed your expectations.

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Understanding the Steel Staircase – New York Steel Fabrication

When laying out the plan of a building, it is always wise to keep in mind the need for robust steel staircases. Staircase architecture in itself is highly complex, so you want a material that is versatile and malleable enough to fit into any design and look great while at it. Now, you can’t bend timber or concrete, so steel staircases are a great bet for any construction project, regardless of the scale or tension placed upon the heavy foot/machinery traffic areas. Below is a glimpse into what our staircases consist of:

The Steps, Diamond Plate, Grating or Cement filled

Steel staircases ride on the strength of the steps, as this is where you expect the most traffic. The tread is the horizontal bit of your stairs while the riser is the part that holds a vertical lean. Because steel is one of the strongest metals around, fabricators tend to routinely leave the risers out of the equation.

Stair Stringers — Tube, channels of Flat

Your staircases are going to need support from either side, and the support system used here hangs on structures known as stringers.

Bannisters – Steel Picket, Pipe or Tubes

There are also known as handrails. Steel stairs are known to have one or two bannisters. There are those that do not have any, but we strongly recommend these structures as they make a building safer in general. Big stairs in particular require multiple rails located strategically along the way.

Newel Post

The steel handrail comes into a lot of use, so it will need to be anchored solidly into the core of the structure. Newels exist to perform these roles and extend right beyond the landing and into the floor.

Steel staircases can take any shape or form-there are no cut and dry methods- you can choose spiral, bifurcated, half-landing, quarter-landing or even winder varieties. All you have to do is reach out to us, and we will deliver your specifications to a fault.

Steel Staircases – New York Steel Fabrication

Steel Staircases can be found in many different types of commercial and industrial settings throughout New York.  A flight of stairs for an apartment building, iron stairs for easy rooftop access, steel stairs inside a factory or shop – the applications are endless.  Metal stairs are popular in these settings due to their strength, durability and ability to withstand high-traffic areas. In order to reap the benefits of metal staircases, you must hire a quality steel fabrication shop with the proper experience.  It’s best to hire a custom iron works shop that actually specializes in Steel Staircases such as Steel Masters of NYC.

Benefits of Steel Stairs

There are many advantages of iron stair cases over traditional stairs.
  • ease of maintenance
  • can be applied to indoor and outdoor settings
  • strength and durability
  • withstands high-traffic areas
  • resistant to stress and weather elements
  • a high strength to weight ratio
  • versatility allows for use in many commercial and industrial applications

Custom Steel Staircases – NY Steel Fabricators

There are many different regulations for steel stairs and the guidelines can vary depending on where your business is located. It’s important that your steel fabricator complies with the local commercial construction codes in New York.  Steel Masters ensures that the construction of your steel staircase completely complies with the local code whether you’re in New York City, Queens, Brooklyn or The Bronx.  We have decades of experience in fabricating custom stair cases for a wide array of clients across New York. We have earned the trust and respect as a leading fabricator of commercial steel.

Commercial Steel FabricatorsCommercial Steel StaircasesSteel and Iron Stair CasesPipe and Staircase Railings • Metal Stairs

Steel Masters has experience working with schools, hospitals, industrial facilities, apartment complexes, office buildings, government works, and various plants and shops throughout New York City’s five boroughs.  Our skilled experts have the experience and knowledge to fulfill each and every one of your requirements, on time and on budget no matter what type of commercial business you are. We will work closely with you to deliver a high level of customer service and exceed your expectations.

Steel Staircases New York Steel Fabrication Iron Stairs New York

Metal Stairs New York

Steel Staircases New York

Steel fabrication in commercial building construction

Steel fabrication is the process of building steel into different shapes so as to fit into buildings, or making structures out of it. Proper shaping of steel can help reduce extra load on the material during construction, thus ensuring longevity of the building. This procedure applies to a wide variety of metal categories such as stainless, low carbon and alloy steels.

Typically, the steel fabricator should have comprehensive knowledge on the types of cutting and shaping techniques suitable for these materials. A wide range of tools can be used for this purpose such as welding machines, and even the computer for designing 3D shapes of the steel.

Welding is actually a form of fabrication whereby different parts of the metal are joined together using fusion, which is different from other lower temperature techniques of metal-joining such as soldering and brazing, these do not affect the base metal in any way by melting it.

One of the most common forms of welding is known as Shielded Metal Arc (SMA) fabrication, in this technique an electrode with flux around it is used to shield the weld puddle. Simultaneously, an electrode holder directs the electrode point as it steadily melts away steel parts. Slag will protect the weld puddle from environmental contamination during shaping. Sometimes, pressure may also be used together with heat, or on its own, for steel fabrication. Additionally, fabrication usually involves bending of metal which can be done through hammering, or even press brakes. Fabricators may employ these press brakes to shape or twist steel sheets into form.

Unlike other metals, steel can be made into various shapes due to its malleable nature. This material is often used in various aspects of construction such as structural framing, staircase guarding, bar joist and handrails amongst others. Steel fabrication is a common practice in most commercial building projects, it’s often used to meet the complex design requirements of construction.

What is Steel Fabrication?

Strength and durability are qualities that are naturally associated with steel. Steel Fabrication Shops provide a full range of design, engineering, fabrication and erection services that lead to useful products for business owners. Steel Fabricators use their knowledge and expertise of a variety of processes, including welding, heat treating, adhesive joining, brazing and soldering, stamping and rolling, tumbling, buffing, polishing and honing. Unlike typical forms of welding where materials are repaired or strengthened, steel fabrication takes many pieces of metal and attaches them together in the form of a predefined shape and size. This process fabricating steel requires a skilled expert that has the appropriate experience in taking raw components and transforming them into usable products.

What is Steel FabricationSteelmasters is your go-to-source for miscellaneous commercial steel and iron fabrications of every kind. We professionally weld and manufacture steel and iron customized to fit your specific desires and needs. With over 30 years of experience, you can count on us for all your steel fabrication needs. We serve customers throughout the state of New York – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, Westchester, Long Island and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Here is a list of common applications of Steel Fabrication that we provide to customers throughout New York:

So what types of commercial industries typically utilize the services of a Steel Fabrication Shop? Hospitals, factories, stores, industrial businesses, apartment complexes, government buildings and other large commercial and institutional properties are just a few examples. If you’re a commercial business owner looking for a reliable steel fabricator in New York City, then Steelmasters is just a phone call away. We employ the best welders and fabricators in New York and our team is standing by to provide you with quality steel fabrication for your business.

Commercial Steel Fabricators

Commercial steel fabricators by definition means a company who can create custom iron works projects to specifications ,blueprints,or from field measurements in conjuction with the project manager or building owner for design build projects.This encompasses a wide range of steel fabrications and welding types, so a professional,experienced team is required to design and execute such projects,this is where an experienced fabricator is required to draw upon past welding,fabrication projects to figure out what most engineers cant  or wont.Staircases